We want to be your business partner. Summit Bank & Trust’s team of professionals wants to learn about you and your business in order to package products, services, and financing to fit your specific needs. 
Benefit Banking 
Summit Bank & Trust has put together the most popular financial products and services into one package that can benefit employees and others who opt to become members of the program. Many features and benefits are similar to those enjoyed in the Executive Banking program. Members must meet certain credit qualifications to participate in some features of the program. Ask a banker for details. 
Business Loans 
We offer a complete line of products including lines of credit, equipment and real estate loans and letters of credit. Our lenders are experts in several alternative financing programs. Summit Bank & Trust specializes in S.B.A. loans, and our lenders are experts in several other alternative financing programs. 
To view Bank Owned Properties, Click Here. 
Business Deposit Accounts 
We offer a variety of commercial deposit accounts that can help your business run more smoothly. Our knowledgeable bankers will help you pinpoint checking and savings account services that work best for you. 
It's like having a bank inside your business! eDeposit® is a revolutionary check clearing tool that allows you to deposit checks electronically from your business. 
  • Send your deposit directly from your desktop to the bank
  • Realize immediate cost savings in labor and mileage expense
  • Enjoy flexibility with later deposit deadlines and faster funds availability
  • Improve staff productivity
    eDeposit® is a trademark of eDeposit corporation (eDeposit.com), and its use is pursuant to a license agreement with Summit Bank & Trust. 
    Cash Management Services 
    Summit Bank & Trust offers business customers a wide range of cash management tools to help manage their assets. InBusiness Banking offers time-saving options for disbursement of funds, drafts, debits, stop payments, payroll and viewing graphic presentations of your company’s cash position. You decide how much access your employee(s) have for specific functions, reports and accounts. 
    Credit Card Services  
    Merchant services provide retailers with credit card processing and settlement services for MasterCard and VISA transactions.  
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